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The main purpose of the HWMonitor application is monitoring components of your PC, here refer: fans speed, CPU temperature and voltage. 
The program also allows you to monitor processors' sensors, a large number of different various monitoring chips, sensors which are located on the power supply units such as Gigabyte ODIN, indicators of video cards from such manufacturers as nVIDIA and ATI-based GPU, as well as from S.M.A.R.T. of various kinds of drives.


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This application is designed more to demonstrate its capabilities, rather than for practical use.
HWMonitor free can be downloaded from our website.
The main features and functions of the application include:
Supports such processor temperature sensors: AMD ® Athlon ™ 64, Intel ® Core ™, Core ™ 2, Phenom ™ Thermal Sensor, Core ™ i7 Digital Thermal Sensor.

Supports Motherboard sensors: W83627DHG, ITE® IT8705, SMSC® LPC47M192, IT8712, W83791D, DME1737, W83627THF, Analog Device ® ADM1021, Andigilog® ASC7621, W83793, EMC6D103, Asus® AS99127, Fintek ® F71805, IT8716, ASB100, EMC6D102, F71872, F71882, W83627HF, F71862, IT8720, ADT7490, IT8718, ADM1030, EMC6W201, W83627EHF, ADT7461, Winbond ® W83781D, National Semiconductor® LM63, ADT7475, AMD1031, W83697HF.





Improved support for hardware monitors: Inte ® Management Engine (HECI), Gigabyte® ODIN™ power supplies monitoring, NVIDIA® ESA, abit® uGuru 2003, VIA ® 686A/B integrated monitoring, Asus® EPU, uGuru 2005.
Support for laptops and notebooks, such as: Asus® eeePC™ 701 , 901 , Apple® MacBook™, MacBook Pro ™, IBM ® Thinkpad ™ series,
Monitoring support for hard drives, namely SMART temperature.

Monitoring support for graphics cards, namely: NVIDIA ® and ATI ® GPUs temperature.
Supports the monitoring of such memory modules as: ACPI Thermal Zone, FB-DIMM integrated thermal sensor. Restriction of the free version of the application is its 30-day trial period of use.

You can download HWMonitor free from our website right now.

Installation file data
Title HWMonitor
Version 1.26.0
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 1.07 MB
Downloads 274
Price Free
Updated 2015-01-04

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