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HDD Cleaner

freeware powerful utility that cleans up useless files and makes PC faster
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HDD Cleaner is a very simple and handy utility which can greatly simplify your system cleanup from unnecessary information. This software doesn't require installation and is completely free. With it, you can easily and pretty fast clean your hard drive of unnecessary files, different temporary information as well as you'll be able to permamnently delete gubbish from the recycler, which sometimes can free up a lot of space. Download HDD Cleaner now using the link provided below,it's completely free and takes minutes!


HDD Cleaner 2


In addition to these functions, the program can also clear the history of the registry. Let us consider this possibility:

  • OpenSaveMRU, Run MRU, Last Visited MRU removes all data from the history of running applications;
  • Office History clears the history of recently opened Micorsoft Office documents;
  • Search Assistant deletes information about finding data on your PC;
  • Typed URLs removes all links from Internet Explorer's history;
  • Recent File List deletes information about the history and ever shared media files in Media Player Classic and Windows Media player;
  • Archive History clears history of files archiving in WinRar program;
  • Far Saved Dialog History removes commands from Far Manager, which are stored in its history.


HDD Cleaner


Below is a link, clicking on which you can download HDD Cleaner and free up space on your PC by removing unnecessary and outdated information.

Installation file data
Category Disk Cleanup
Title HDD Cleaner
Version 3.0
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 213 KB
Downloads 419
Price Free
Updated 2015-02-24

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