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freeware PC cleaner, that cleans PC & external devices
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PrivaZer is a free application that allows a PC user rather quickly clean his PC from data which has a record of network activity of the user. 
The application is very easy to use and fully automatic.

When you first start the program, it will "greet" you with a beautiful window that will allow you to make your own choice, namely to select only the data which is not necessary or remove all, or you can allow the application to take up the option. 


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Once the program performs all data cleanup, it will show the user a report on the work performed.
The main difference between this program from similar applications is the tools which allow you to clean up the information about the connected external devices. The program also allows you to clean up trash keys which are located in the registry of the operating system and creates backups of files which will be deleted.
You can also download PrivaZer free from our website.




Key features and functions of this application are:

  • the program can work as with hard disks so with SSDs;
  • cleanup with minimal user intervention;
  • you can use your own search algorithm and delete data;
  • the application is fully automated.

You can download PrivaZer for free from our website right now.

Installation file data
Category Disk Cleanup
Title PrivaZer
Version 3.0.22
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 7.19 MB
Downloads 527
Price Free
Updated 2017-05-22

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