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In this category we offer free programs to emulate independent computers and operating systems within the limits of the windows OS, installed on your PC. Having set up the appropriate emulator of the desired operating system, you can see it in action, test and subsequently safely remove it. Your windows starts emulators as normal applications, without consequences for the operating system.

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PCSX2 is an emulator of the Sony PlayStation 2. This application is the only emulator that can carry out the launch of commercial products. PCSX2 can emulate the graphics in a much better quality than the very Sony PlayStation 2.This emulator is cross-platform and is designed for fans to play with toys designed for Sony PlayStation 2, on your PC.This application supports almost all games, there are also ....
Date 2014-06-28 File Size 14.43 MB Download 933
QEMU is an interesting name of the software with open source code, designed for full emulation of the PC. QEMU can be downloaded free of charge from our site, use this link to download the emulator. Demand for virtualization technology in our time is high and it's not exaggeration. If you enter the word "virtualization" in one of the search engines, you will get over 20 million results. Despite this, in the huge ....
Date 2015-06-02 File Size 16.82 MB Download 535
VirtualBox is a program designed to virtualize multiple operating systems, creating a full virtual machine on a PC. This utility is freeware, so you can download VirtualBox free. VirtualBox allows you to create virtual OS on a PC. Guest operating system can be Windows, Solaris, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, BSD and others. The main features of VirtualBox are: supports secondary (guest) system (64-,32-bit ....
Date 2015-05-26 File Size 102.42 MB Download 698
VMware Player is a free program that will allow its customers to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single computer. With it you can create an isolated virtual machine that allows you to conduct safe testing of not only the new OS, but also new programs and even web browsing. With all of this, anybody can use it, you can download the program free right now using our website. Moreover, VMPlayer ....
Date 2015-06-06 File Size 94.32 MB Download 617