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Virtual CloneDrive
free tool that creates virtual CD and DVD drives
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Virtual Clone Drive is a program the main purpose of which is to create virtual drives, as well as launch created or downloaded images. 
After Virtual Clone Drive is installed and your PC is restarted, in the Windows OS, the application automatically creates a CD/DVD-ROM virtual drive, which will actually boot images.


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With this application you have the opportunity to use replicas as of CD, so of DVD dics directly from your PC hard drive or from a network drive, without burning discs on CD and DVD.

Using this principle of the drive to read the data becomes much faster and of a higher quality than from a physical disc in the CD/DVD drive.
The Virtual Clone Drive app incorporates a minimum number of settings - no need adjusting reading speed of CD/DVD-ROM virtual drive and care about the readability of the disc. Download Virtual Clone Drive free from our site. Virtual images can be mounted or removed from the context menu, which is available in the created virtual disc, or by double clicking on the icon of the virtual disc image. Windows itself considers such disc a physical CD/DVD-ROM.


Virtual Clone Drive


The main features of Virtual Clone Drive include: 

  •   The application supports most known image formats, which include: UDF, DVD, CCD, BIN, IMG, ISO;
  •   supports up to 15 virtual CD/DVD drives;
  •   maximum ease of use of the application and high operating speed;
  •   history records of the last mounted virtual image;
  •   multilanguage interface.

You can download Virtual CloneDrive free from our website right now.

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