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Pascal ABC is a programming environment with elements of learning the classic Pascal language. The program has a special module - the Taskbook Programming Taskbook, which contains a huge number of tasks for the full development of the course.

Pascal ABC Features

The Pascal ABC integrated development environment combines the classic Pascal programming language and some features of the Microsoft .NET Framework software platform. Its main purpose is to teach students and schoolchildren the Pascal programming language.

The free version of the program offers more than 80 tasks on various topics: classes, cycles, variables, etc. The course focuses on the syntax, structure and features of the implementation of simple programs. Taskbook Programming Taskbook is constantly updated with new tests, besides, for a better understanding of the Pascal language, users can independently create tasks for the taskbook.

With the help of the program you can learn how to create computational programs in Pascal The user-friendly interface, useful reference book and wide possibilities make it an excellent teaching tool for beginners.

Benefits of the program

  • contains many tasks, tests and examples for better mastering the language;
  • works on all versions of the Windows operating system;
  • has a Russified interface.


  • The full list of test tasks is available only in the paid version of the program.

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