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			Crystal TV

Crystal TV - a software package that allows you to watch the leading television channels online. Broadcasting is not limited to the list of free channels, the program’s functionality is able to open access to premium prepaid channels. The settings of the software module allow you to automatically select the image quality depending on the speed and stability of the Internet connection.

Crystal TV benefits

The application is able to easily convert the user's PC to a modern digital TV, which will support the publication of the program guide, viewing the recording of past air and the function picture-in-picture.

Other benefits of the application include:

  • possibility of previewing a paid channel;
  • performance on mobile devices running Android, iOS, etc .;
  • the choice of the term of a paid subscription - for 3 or 6 months;
  • intuitive interface of the application (all settings are made using optimized tabs and image quality controls);
  • stable operation of the program when changing the speed of Internet access;
  • access to more than 40 popular TV channels (NTV, Pervy, STS, Russia, TV Center, REN-TV, etc.);
  • The user can choose from 5 different packages of paid channels.

Crystal TV Features

Crystal TV application is adapted for use on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) with various Android OS, iOS on iPhone and iPad.

In addition, the built-in module of the program allows you to use the rich functionality of the application to work on a PC running Windows and macOS.

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