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			Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a remote access system that allows you to control another computer or server.

Principle of operation

The program transfers the image from the remote computer to the local one. All user actions, such as mouse movements and keystrokes, are then transmitted back to the remote machine, where they are perceived as signals entered directly by a person.

The application takes only 700 KB and within seconds after the first launch will establish communication with the remote computer.


Corporate network management can now be done at any distance. This not only saves time, but also reduces costs. It does not even need a person on the other side.

Access to office computer

The program allows you to connect to the office machines via the Network, organizing remote work of employees. Do not be afraid that any data will become known to unwanted persons. Files are transferred securely. Connection is made only by password or ID.

Distance learning

Create entire virtual classes in which you can conduct online lectures. Participants in such a web conference can exchange files and communicate via voice mail.

The technology implemented in this program helps the user to be more free. No need to worry about distance anymore - a work or home computer will not be without support if necessary.

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