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Video recording from the screen with sound
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			oCam Screen Recorder

oCam Screen Recorder is a program for fast and high-quality video recording of everything that happens on a computer or laptop monitor.

Special features

To compress (encode) the video program uses codecs installed in the operating system. You can record videos with or without soundtrack, and the sound source can be more than just a microphone. A key feature of oCam Screen Recorder is the recording of all sounds played through speakers connected to a computer. This is possible through the use of exclusive technology WASAPI loopback, allowing you to capture all the sounds played by the operating system and programs without using a stereo mixer.

Using oCam Screen Recorder, you can record video from the entire screen, a specific area or from a single application window. The size and parameters of the recording area are set in the settings menu or using the mouse. You can save recorded videos in several formats: vob, ts, avi, gif, wmv, mov, m4v, mkv, mp4. In addition to recording video, the program can take screenshots, which can be saved in all major graphics programs. There is a Russian interface language, making the development and use of the program more convenient.

Program features:

  • use of embedded codecs;
  • support for large video sizes (more than 4 GB);
  • the ability to select the quality of recording images and sound;
  • Capturing a record of pressing the buttons of the keyboard and mouse cursor;
  • in case of errors in the program, you can send a report to the developers;
  • dual monitor support;
  • frame rate selection;
  • timer stop recording.

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oCam Screen Recorder for Windows PC

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