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			Little Big City 2

Small Big City 2 is a classic city planning simulator for Android devices. Build and develop your own city - choose the concept of beautification for it and follow it. Feel like a real mayor with your own team of eccentric advisors!

Visit other players' cities, communicate with their mayors, create alliances and help each other - both during regular promotions or competitions, and in solving daily tasks. Overcome all the problems that stand in the way of the development of your city, and turn it into a real Heaven on Earth, in which everyone wants to live!

Gameplay Small Big City 2

  • Inspect the neighborhood of the settlement entrusted to you, analyze which objects are closest to it, and develop a plan for the development of the city, taking into account their location;
  • Approve one of the three development plans - Cultural Heritage, Heavy Industry, or High Technologies, and follow the chosen concept (can be changed at certain levels);
  • Clear the territory under construction - build the necessary implementations for your chosen development concept, building, but do not forget about other areas of activity;
  • Develop infrastructure and build entertainment facilities to increase the productivity of the population;
  • Perform tasks of Advisors and build buildings to gain experience points - spend them on unlocking new territories, creating blueprints for buildings and upgrading levels;
  • Change the concept of development (when a certain level is reached) or continue to follow the chosen one;
  • Get rent and spend it on the development of the city;
  • Listen to the wishes of the residents - this will allow to solve emerging problems even before they become an edge;
  • Visit other cities, communicate with their mayors and transform your city - the best place to live on the planet.

Simulator Features

  • Three unique concepts of city development;
  • Dozens of eccentric advisers giving assignments;
  • Hundreds of different buildings;
  • Thousands of problems requiring the attention of the mayor;
  • Daily tasks for improvement;
  • Regular tournaments and competitions between players;
  • The possibility of cooperative interaction with other players;
  • Fully animated, three-dimensional graphics;
  • Pleasant music and voice of every action;
  • The need to listen to residents;
  • Dynamic system of simulation of the needs of the population.


  • Ad inserts;
  • Paid goods in the in-game store.

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Monday, 06 April 2020
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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Little Big City 2 for Android

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