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SimCity BuildIt is a multiplayer urban planning simulator for Android devices, with a full storyline story, integrated in-game chat, and PVP and PVE battles. Feel like the mayor of your own city, and turn it from a small settlement with a couple of dozens of residents into a large metropolis where millions of people will find their home.

Build houses and industrial facilities, develop infrastructure, manage the budget, lead the political struggle and do everything to make your city prosper! Communicate with measures of other cities, trade among themselves and unite in the guild to side by side to overcome global challenges during pve-events and repel the attacks of other guilds in pvp-battles.

SimCity BuildIt Gameplay

  • Inspect the settlement entrusted to you and think about its future planning, pave the way to the federal highway so that your city is not cut off from the world;
  • Erect a mayor’s office so that you can control the city and several residential buildings from where its inhabitants have to live;
  • Build several industrial, commercial and municipal facilities so that the residents of your city do not need anything, but keep in mind that each building has a limited supply zone and a limited amount of produced resources;
  • Extract resources, upgrade already-built buildings or research and build new ones, create conditions in a timely manner to meet the needs of your residents so that they are satisfied - otherwise there will be a negative migration balance in the city;
  • Help your advisors cope with emerging issues to open access to unique buildings, structures and advisers;
  • Trade on the stock exchange and communicate with other measures in the in-game chat;
  • Unite in guilds, overcome global challenges during regular pve-events;
  • Explore defense and attack technologies, collect military resources and defeat pvp battles with other guilds;
  • Make your city the best place to live on the planet, and millions of people will line up to live in it!

Simulator Features

  • Dozens of factors affecting life in the city;
  • Hundreds of various buildings and objects;
  • Thousands of unique events;
  • Realistic simulation of the needs of the residents;
  • In-game chat, trading exchange, guild system, the possibility of pumping military technology;
  • Beautiful, animated three-dimensional graphics and nice music;
  • Regular pvp battles and pve-events.


  • Advertising;
  • Paid purchases;
  • You need a constant presence of the Internet.

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Saturday, 12 January 2019
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