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Google Translator is a program that is used at least occasionally by every person who is familiar with computers and the Internet. The program is also available with no access to the Internet. Using the Android smartphone, launch Google Translate and translate the text you need from the languages that the program supports. The application is available for devices based on Android.

How to work with Google Translator?

Text input

You can enter a word, phrase or text in three ways:

  1. On the keyboard of the smartphone
  2. Using voice command.
  3. Using writing input (finger or stylus).

After opening the program, start typing: the source language will be automatically detected. Type the text using the keyboard device. For greater convenience, the text needed for translation can be voiced or written “by hand”. By clicking on the microphone icon, you will see the "Speak" command. Say the phrase you need to translate.

Want to write the text by hand? Use the button with the image of a zigzag - "written version" for the text. Phrases entered in this way will be reflected in the top line of the application. Manual text entry is convenient if you need to translate texts in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and other languages that are not available on your keyboard.

Listening to phrases

Listen to the entered words and phrases by clicking on the “Audio” icon. The text will be pronounced in the original language or in Russian.

Photo text with further translation

By clicking on the icon with the camera shown on it, take a snapshot of the text, placing it in front of the camera of the device. In less than a minute you will receive a translation of the text you have just photographed. This function facilitates the work of specialists dealing with tools, instructions in unfamiliar languages, students, translators, tourists.

What languages does Google Translator support?

The application is installed with the ability to download language packs of the most commonly used languages in the world, including Swahili, Hindi, Javanese, Heva, and others. The program recognizes and translates Esperanto. Downloading language packs allows you to translate any texts offline - without access to the Internet.

Additional Google Translator Features

The program from Google has a convenient phrasebook. This function of Google Translator is convenient for quickly finding the most frequently used phrases, words, expressions. Sync your app with your Google account. The program will add to the Phrasebook the phrases that you use in online communication.

Google Translator gives all tourists the freedom to communicate. Now, going to another country, you will not be embarrassed when dealing with foreigners. The language barrier will be destroyed. With the application you will begin to understand other languages, to memorize them. Many users of the program are beginning to be interested in learning languages: the program encourages them to acquire knowledge.

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