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Dr.Web Light is a symbiosis of the anti-virus system, the task manager and the battery charge optimizer for Android devices. It continuously scans the system, identifies infected files and processes, blocks their work and moves to quarantine, cleans the memory of malicious code. Able to unlock the system after it is blocked by Trojans, extortionists or screen lockers.

Equipped with a system for detecting previously unknown types of digital threats and its own widget for displaying alerts and statistical data. It has several scanning modes of the system. Automatically checks every downloaded file for viruses.

Dr.Web Light Functionality

  • Memorizes the specified scanning method and adjusts its own settings in accordance with the selected mode;
  • Scans the system, detects malicious code in the executable files and running processes, isolates the infected files in the quarantine folder and completely deletes all associated data when initiating cleaning;
  • Analyzes the information flow of the main menu and the lock screen, automatically unlocks the device system when it detects screen lockers, blocker Trojans or calls the interface through the widget in the lock screen tray;
  • Compares the algorithms produced by active processes, actions with the list of “dangerous functions” and, when matches are found, automatically terminates the process and sends information about the code of its executable file to the server of the anti-virus company (countering unknown threats);
  • It checks the digital code of the downloaded files with its own database of virus signatures to detect infected data infected with a malicious code;
  • Forces the selected process to terminate;
  • Corrects device settings according to the selected optimization mode - to save battery power and increase speed, rolls back the changes made when optimization is turned off;
  • Displays statistics and important alerts in a special widget that is displayed, including on the lock screen.

Antivirus features

  • Permanent system scan in real time;
  • Multiple deep scan modes;
  • Sparing load on the RAM;
  • Built-in protection from screen-lockers;
  • Intelligent detection of previously unknown threats;
  • Own task manager;
  • Integrated device operation optimizer.


  • Root rights are required;
  • The presence of advertising.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2022
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