Metal Detector 1.5.1a

Application that turns a smartphone into a metal detector
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			Metal Detector

Metal detector is a functional Android application for detecting metal objects. Indispensable when searching for lost metal objects in the ground, or if you need to find a way to run hidden wiring in the wall. Reacts to any devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

A built-in magnetic sensor device measures the magnetic field. The presence of such a sensor learn to the description of your device. Increasing magnetic induction means approaching metal. When metal objects are detected, a signal is given. The user in the settings can choose a beep or vibration. In order to calibrate the sensor, you need to raise the device to the sky and move them, describing the number "8" in the air. The presence of errors in the sensor may be due to overheating of the smartphone or failure settings.

ATTENTION! Your phone must contain a special magnetic sensor (magnetometer). If the program does not work on your device, read the specification for your gadget.

Features "Metal Detector"

  • metal search function;
  • the ability to set the level of the magnetic field for the signal;
  • Russified interface;
  • built-in guide to the application;
  • setting the volume and type of sound signal for metal identification;
  • only the necessary functions;
  • does not require a large amount of device resources.

Disadvantages of the program

  • does not always react to small metal objects;
  • identifies metal objects only at close range;
  • determines not all metals.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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