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The idea of developing this program is taking care of those users who are especially concerned about the privacy of their own data, such as passwords, confidential information. A password can be set to any information. For example, passwords for accounts on different resources of the world wide web, passwords for access to home PC and/or your computer at work, passwords to different files and folders, archives and suchlike. In order to improve safety level of your "sensitive" information, you can download My Data Keeper free from our site.

Many of us enjoy a huge number of sites on the Internet, and it is highly undesirable in this case to let the relevant accounts in the wrong hands. Accordingly, there is a need to memorize a large number of passwords, and using the same password is a serious strategic miscalculation in terms of security. Services that require registration, outspread more and more every day of the Internet existance. Remember every password or put down to a notebook are not the best options. Much safer and more practical is using special software. Dowloading My Data Keeper free once and for all to ensure the safety of your passwords is a great idea.

Otherwise, sooner or later you'll forget or lose some of the passwords, or accidentally delete them while cleaning the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system or as a result of hardware failure on your PC. Nowadays virus or hackers attacks are also frequent. Attackers are aimed at stealing passwords that give access just to confidential information. Maybe to some people it doesn't seem tragic to lose access to mailbox, but if the password from the electronic payment system, or Internet banking gets stolen, it is a different story.

My Data Keeper program can create multiple accounts, also called books which securely retain all the classified data. Transferring "books" is not a problem: they will elementary run on another PC. My Data Keeper also includes a built-in tool, able to relieve the burdens associated with inventing complex and unique passwords. We assure you, it will be almost impossible to guess it.

If you were excited about the idea of always protecting your passwords and activity on social networks, download free My Data Keeper right now from our website.

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