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Fishdom - classic puzzle Three in a row for Android devices, with a thematic plot to the side of Pisces civilization. Collect unique underwater inhabitants, acquire and upgrade aquariums for them, help the fish to solve controversial situations between themselves and do everything so that they can start to trust you and allow them to stay in their underwater kingdom.

Visit the mysterious Fish civilization hidden in the abyss of ocean waters. Meet jellyfish, water turtles, squids, live shells, starfish and other underwater inhabitants. Watch the communication of the inhabitants of the depths, each of which has its own unique character, feed them, and solve with them the mysterious and ancient puzzles of the ocean.

Fishdom gameplay

  • Inspect the playing field and think about which element to move to get the most points;
  • Move different sea creatures around the playing field to stack them in rows of three or more;
  • Get points for each level you completed on time;
  • Use special modifiers to get even more points or solve unsolvable situations;
  • Get new fodders and aquariums for fish to open access to the following levels and earn them trust;
  • Watch the life in your tank, see how the fish communicate and help them solve internal conflict situations;
  • Earn the right to visit the underwater fish civilization;
  • Solve with your new friends all the secrets hidden at the bottom of the ocean.

Puzzle features

  • Dozens of different types of fish, each of which has its own character;
  • Hundreds of levels, each of which is more difficult than the previous one;
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue between the fish;
  • Inter-fish relationship simulation system;
  • Squids, jellyfish, waterfowl turtles, sea horses, living shells, crabs and other inhabitants of the depths;
  • The ability to improve aquariums and build a fish kingdom;
  • Various modifiers that help in the most difficult situations;
  • Colorful cartoon animations;
  • Pleasant music.


  • Integrated ad inserts;
  • Many modifiers, improvements for the aquarium, buildings for the Fish Kingdom, food and marine life - are paid.

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Wednesday, 09 February 2022
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