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			Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - classic runner with three-dimensional graphics for Android-devices. Help the mischievous trinity - Jake, Trika and Fresh, to escape from the evil metro inspector and his guard dog. Play as for each character separately, and three at once - with your friends!

Run along the tracks and dodge trains, cling to the cars and run along their roofs, fool the inspector and make him collide with the train. Use jetpacks, hoverboards and other boosters to not leave the inspector and his dog a chance to catch your heroes!

Subway Surfers Gameplay

  • Choose single or multiplayer game mode, and one of the three heroes - Jake, Trika or Fresch;
  • Run along the tracks collecting coins, lamps, and other bonuses;
  • Maneuver between the convoys, jump on the pastures and do not stop for a second - otherwise the inspector or his dog will catch you;
  • Lure the inspector and his dog, a little slow down, so that they - accelerated and crashed into the car;
  • Use jetpacks, hoverboards, and other boosters to get to the finish line in time;
  • Get extra points for the time saved and spend them on opening new cards or buying bonuses;
  • Complete all levels with distinction to unlock an additional level, by winning which you can complete the game.

Features runner

  • The good old trinity of mischief-makers, Jake, Tricky, and Fresh, are familiar to many of the other runners;
  • The ability to play both yourself and with friends;
  • The presence of two whole pursuers - the inspector and his watchdog;
  • Dozens of different bonuses and hundreds of levels;
  • Nice animated graphics;
  • Dynamic music.


  • Some bonuses are paid;
  • Integrated ad inserts.

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Thursday, 01 August 2019
Android 4.1 or later
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Subway Surfers for Android

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