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			My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is an interactive Android game, which is a kitten education simulator.

Follow the schedule of the day of your pet and do not forget to feed him in time, put him to bed and devote some time to entertainment.

Shelter a little kitten and be close to him at all stages of growing up. Follow the emotions of the little whale and do not let him get bored.

Features My Talking Tom

  • repetition of all spoken words in a squeaky voice with a corresponding animation after touching the pet;
  • integration with YouTube services, which allows you to view themed cartoon series without leaving the game;
  • the functioning of the game in the portrait mode of the screen;
  • personalization of in-game content in accordance with the preferences of players on each individual device;
  • built-in support for most popular social networks with the ability to send achievements to friends.

The advantages of the game

  • more than 10 mini-games, the passage of which opens up new items and increases the number of coins;
  • creating a unique kitten with the help of a huge number of different items of clothing and wool with different colors;
  • travel around the world using air tickets with the ability to interact with other pets;
  • customizable interior of different rooms with the kitten's response to the changes and the addition of new furniture.


  • problems with the functioning of the game on devices with a limited amount of RAM;
  • availability of advertising and paid content.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Android 4.1 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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