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Hay Day is a symbiosis of a farm simulator and a construction simulator for Android devices. Feel like a 19th-century landowner farmer. Plow virgin soil with planting crops, tame wild and buy purebred animals, build residential and household buildings, hire workers, regularly harvest to earn big money.

Build a railroad and build a ship pier - to be able to go on a visit to friends, farmers, and to invite them to his party. Ship special orders on a cart with horses, a truck, a steam train, or even on your own ship to get even more money and get unique pets. Do everything to make your small farm flourish!

Gameplay hay day

  • Inspect your property, clear them from the undergrowth and debris to make room for building and find the seeds of wild plants;
  • Build a small barn so that you have where to put your things;
  • Make a few beds, and plant seeds in them and do not forget to water them regularly;
  • Collect and sell your first harvest in order to get some money to arrange the plot;
  • Build houses for yourself and the workers, build farm buildings for storing crops and processing them, improve the farm territory with walkways and fences;
  • Tame several wild animals to be able to sell not only the gifts of the earth, but also products such as milk, eggs, wool, or meat;
  • Buy noble crops, grow them, and get even more harvest;
  • Build a railroad and build a pier so that your farm is not cut off from the world;
  • Buy your own truck, locomotive and steamboat to be able to travel to friends' farms;
  • Visit friends' farms, have parties and get unique rewards;
  • Go to distant lands, and bring from there new charming pets, but note that everyone has their own oddities quietly.

Simulator Features

  • Dozens of building types;
  • Hundreds of species of animals, plants and resources;
  • Thousands of recipes for processing resources;
  • Beautiful, cartoon, fully animated graphics;
  • Regularly held thematic events (Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, New Year, etc.);
  • Nice background music and funny sound effects;
  • The opportunity to visit the farm of friends.


  • Advertising;
  • Paid content;
  • Requires an internet connection.

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Wednesday, 02 December 2020
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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