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The Sims FreePlay - simulator of human activity for Android-devices. Create unique characters in a fully autonomous, living their own life, the city - Simtown. Make up life stories for created Sims, ask them interests, abilities, preferences and weaknesses.

Provide the vital needs of Sims, get them to work, build houses, start families, raise children, and go all the way from infancy to old age. Follow the random and thematic set in Simtown, make pets, carry away various hobbies, and do everything to make your Sims happy with their lives.

Gameplay The Sims FreePlay

  • Choose a random character or create your own;
  • Customize for Sims appearance, positive and negative traits of character, and other individual characteristics;
  • Find a suitable job for Sims, earn a salary, spend it on acquiring or upgrading real estate, entertainment, clothing, food, medical treatment, various hobbies, or - put in Simtown Bank to earn interest;
  • Find a soul mate, go all the way of relationships - starting from casual meetings and romantic dates, and ending with marriage and having children;
  • Teach children in school and college, entertain them in every way and do everything so that they grow up healthy and self-confident people;
  • Perform random or festive-themed assignments and get unique rewards;
  • Monitor the health of your Sims, especially in childhood and old age;
  • Manage natural and social phenomena - create different game situations, and see how your Sims will behave;
  • Do everything to make your characters and their families happy.

Simulator Features

  • Autonomous system for simulating the lives of Simtown residents;
  • Full freedom of action;
  • Flexible customizable character parameters that affect the outcome of each game situation;
  • A realistic system for simulating the needs and behavior of the Sims;
  • Thousands of interactive items, ranging from food, medicine and clothing, to cars, boats and homes;
  • The ability to create families, raise children and start pets;
  • Built-in mode of God, allowing controlled by natural phenomena and the behavior of other Sims-bots;
  • Fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Nice background music and funny sound effects;
  • Regular updates with new items and tasks.


  • Advertising;
  • Paid content.

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Sunday, 09 June 2019
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