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TuneIn Radio is a virtual radio aggregator for Android devices. Allows you to find, sort and listen to the online broadcasting of virtual radio stations. Equipped with flexible customizable filters genre-thematic formats of radio stations.

Able to determine the location of the user and create playlists of regional radio stations. It has the function of synchronization with the smart watch Android Wear and multimedia player Google Chromecast. Can record playable airs in the audio file.

TuneIn Radio Functionality

  • Memorizes the specified filtering rules of genre-thematic formats;
  • Downloads a list of virtual ethers of online radio stations, in accordance with the specified filters;
  • Automatically sorts radio stations by thematic categories - sports, news, talk shows, pop music, r'n'b, rock, chanson and more;
  • Reads geo-location data, forms on their basis playlists of regional radio stations;
  • Creates bookmarks to go to the selected radio stations;
  • Records the audio stream of the played online radio in the audio file;
  • Synchronizes with an Android Wear smart watch or Google Chromecast multimedia player via Wi-Fi, mutes the sound of the device’s speakers and retransmits the audio stream to the speakers of the connected gadget.

Utility features

  • More than 100,000 online broadcasts of popular radio stations in the CIS and the world;
  • Flexible customizable filtering system by genre-thematic formats;
  • Automatic sorting of radio stations by categories;
  • Support for synchronization with Android Wear and Google Chromecast;
  • Search function of regional radio stations;
  • The ability to record the broadcast radio in the audio file.


  • Part of the functional tools - paid;
  • Integrated ad inserts.

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Age Restrictions
Monday, 14 February 2022
Android 4.1 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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