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The official client of the popular dating site
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Badoo is the client part of the eponymous dating service for Android. Allows you to choose people for acquaintances or sift them out with one swipe. Equipped with a search function located in the vicinity of users and potential acquaintances.

Able to draw maps of random intersections with other users. Supports the ability to evaluate profiles with likes and comments. It has the function of filtering people by common interests and other parameters (gender, age, city of residence, etc.).

Badoo Function

  • Loads a list of users, and displays their profiles on the screen in random order;
  • Sorts the list of random users according to the specified filtering parameters;
  • Analyzes the user profile and generates a list of potentially interesting people based on the information specified in it;
  • Reads geolocation data and displays intersection lines with other users on the map;
  • Removes user profile from search results when swiping to the left;
  • Like user when swipe right;
  • Creates a text chat between two users with mutual sympathy (mutual swipe right);
  • Publishes the specified comment text in the profile of the user who responded with sympathy;
  • It downloads data from the contact book, instant messengers, client applications of popular social networks and forms a list of friends based on them, as well as a list of people who can be invited to the service;
  • Makes sending invitations to selected contacts in the specified way.

Utility features

  • The ability to assess or weed out the profile of a person with one finger movement;
  • Intellectual system of selection of potentially interesting people;
  • Interactive map of random intersections with other users;
  • The lack of annoying messages from unpleasant people - to start a chat, both users should like each other;
  • The ability to write comments;
  • Support for synchronization with contact book, instant messengers, social networking clients and other applications for communication;
  • The function of automatically sending invitations;
  • High degree of fake filtering;
  • More than 4 million users.


  • Integrated advertising;
  • Paid stickers and emoji packs;
  • Rare errors in the algorithm for drawing random intersections (sometimes people from other cities are shown on the map).

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Friday, 18 February 2022
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