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Edjing is a multifunctional mixer for Android devices. Supports multi-channel audio editing. Able to display and scale graphs of amplitudes of frequency-resonance curves in the interface. Equipped with powerful functional tools for working with sound tracks both in automatic mode and manually.

It has its own database with millions of ready-made music tracks, samples and audio effects, as well as a flexible and customizable sorter for searching and filtering sound effects or audio content. Can create playlists from the created tracks. Fully synchronized with Soundcloud and Deezer services. Compatible with Mixfader wireless crossfader.

Edjing Functionality

  • Loads the selected audio file and displays its frequency-resonance curve in the interface;
  • Changes tonality, boosts loudness, mutes, speeds up, slows down, inverts, cuts out fragments and otherwise interact with the frequency-resonance curve of the track being edited;
  • Memorizes the specified search parameters or filtering effects and audio content, adapts search results from the database accordingly, loads tracks, samples and audio effects from the online database, superimposes them on the specified audio tracks;
  • Interprets the effects of each track into a separate audio channel or brings them together, reproduces the result of editing;
  • Synchronizes with Soundcloud services and Deezer - displays the corresponding functions in the interface;
  • It connects to the wireless crossfader Mixfader via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, plays tracks with it and interprets the corresponding audio effects.

Utility features

  • A graphical audio editor and a powerful DJ mixer right on your smartphone;
  • Millions of music tracks, audio samples and sound effects, the download of which does not require special plug-ins;
  • The ability to overlay automatic effector in one click or manually adjust them;
  • Support for synchronization with Soundcloud and Deezer platforms;
  • The function of connecting to the wireless crossfader Mixfader.


  • Part of the functional tools - paid;
  • Built-in advertising.

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Monday, 01 April 2019
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