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Aimp free player is a generic application, developed by Russian programmer. The application's name is derived from his name: Artem Izmaylov Media Player. Currently, due to the constant updates, the player is regarded a serious competitor to such well-known player as Winamp.

Basic functions of Aimp are quite diverse:

  • Plays the audio files in any format;
  • For improving quality, 32 - bit audio processing is used;
  • There is 18-band equalizer available. There are presets (presetting) that are matched to different styles of music: rock, pop, classical, etc.;
  • Different effects: balance, speed, gain, chorus, bass, suppression of voice, reverb, flanger and other;
  • The system of creating and managing playlists is conveniently implemented. Simultaneous work with multiple lists;
  • Built-in Last FM skrobbler instantly sends data of played music to your account;
  • A convenient search for files with the same letter on the playlist;
  • The appearance of the program can be changed by setting the skins, which are numerous on the official website and coming with the program. If you want to create your own artwork, there is a special program SkinEditor, which can make "skins" with any image;
  • Complete information about the files in the list, including the assessment;
  • The sound is output through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI;
  • The interface is very comfortable and pleasant to use;
  • Numerous hotkeys for comfortable work;
  • The application can be minimized to tray , leaving a small window called Tray Control;
  • Pop-out and disappearing info on the screen. Transparency and types of the output data can be adjusted in the settings;
  • Multiplayer mode, which is useful if one computer is used by several people;
  • Opportunity to expand the functionality by connecting third-party modules and utilities;
  • Easy import of files into the program via synchronization with folders;
  • Tag support and different encoding formats;
  • Streaming internet-radio capture;
  • Alarm function and switching off the computer at a specified time.

Aimp player is known for its constantly changing and modifying functionality. New versions are released frequently. In this case the player does not require any payments when being downloaded.

You can check out all these functions, after downloading Aimp from our webpage for free.

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