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Google Play Movies - A small utility that allows you to watch videos and listen to audio directly from your Android mobile device if you have the Internet.

Google Play Movies Functionality

It has the standard functionality of a regular multimedia application. Can make additional settings for the quality of the video being played. It is possible to create a playlist, repeat individual moments. Supports the ability to pre-order the movie - the user will receive a notification when the desired picture appears.

Application Features

The default is built into any Android operating system, is completely tied to the Play Market account, which has access to all the services and their Google data, allowing you to adapt to each user. And also pay for the purchased video content. It has a complete set of codecs that are built into Android to provide multimedia viewing and create photos and videos.


  • The utility maker is also an Android developer. Therefore, there are no problems with the interaction with the OS of the mobile device.
  • The utility is tied to a Google account. Therefore, it analyzes the type of videos viewed on Youtube and their subject matter. After that, it has the opportunity to offer exactly those films that are more likely to be liked by the user.
  • Films and videos can be downloaded to the memory of a smartphone for further viewing when there is no Internet.
  • You can view videos locally from a mobile gadget, even one that is not obtained from the Google Play Movies library.
  • Attached is a huge number of new movie trailers.


  • When watching a video that has not been downloaded from Google Play. Movies may have some freezes and problems, because parts of the clip are sent over the network for
  • All movies in the library are paid apps.
  • When it is necessary to pause and exit to another application for work, the utility can reset the timecode of the video being watched, as well as lose the link to it altogether, clearing some of the resources from memory. As a result, you have to re-search the place where the viewing stopped.

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Thursday, 26 December 2019
Android 4.4 or later
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