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EverythingMe is a symbiosis of the launcher and file manager for Android devices. Allows you to automate the use of most of the functional tools of the device - from making calls or opening a news feed, and ending with installing applications and setting power consumption parameters during the day.

It has the intellectual function of selecting the desired application, which displays on the screen shortcuts, potentially necessary in a particular situation, programs. Able to analyze regularly performed by the user actions and make on their basis forecasts of the need for applications. It can automatically adjust the parameters of energy consumption according to a predetermined schedule.

EverythingMe Functionality

  • Scans the system logs of application launch, immediately after installation, creates on their basis predictions of need for a specific program
  • Automatically displays the shortcuts of the applications you need at a specific point in time;
  • Analyzes regularly performed user actions and adjusts, in accordance with them, need forecasts (for example, outputting a news feed in the morning, starting a movie aggregator before going to bed, initiating a colleague’s number during working hours, building a route in the GPS navigator after a working day, etc. d)
  • Analyzes the data entered into the search string, and finds the necessary applications in the device’s memory;
  • Memorizes the specified energy schedule and adjusts the device settings accordingly during the day;
  • Automatically finds the missing application in the online depositories, in case of its absence in the device’s memory, and, when initiating the installation, installs it directly from the interface.

Utility features

  • High accuracy of forecasts of the need for applications;
  • The ability to quickly find the necessary application, if it is not in the forecast of necessity, at a particular point in time;
  • The function of downloading and installing missing applications directly from the interface - in one click;
  • Intelligent automation system of regularly performed actions;
  • The ability to set a daily schedule of energy consumption;
  • Lack of advertising.


  • Some functions are paid.

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