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HTML-Kit is a powerful and free program for web pages (which you can download free from our website), also supports writing code for such programming languages as: SQL, Java, JavaScript, C/C + +, Pascal/Delphi, Perl and many other.

HTML-Kit provides the user with a huge list of useful tools, among which the most important are: highlighting all of the programming languages syntax, as well as analysis of the code for errors. Because of the abundance of tools, the program is rather difficult to master.
For HTML-Kit there exists a huge number of plugins (more than 400), by means of which you can turn this already full-featured program into a more convenient tool which can immediately replace a number of other programs. Other advantages include low weight of HTML-Kit even with an abundance of plugins. There is also a huge number of different textbooks and educational videos to the program.

So, using the HTML-Kit, you can quickly edit the source code of your web page (in the "arsenal" of the program there is a number of useful buttons, such as enabling tags, apparently accelerating work), customize this powerful editor with plenty of plugins at your discretion; the program will be useful for people who write code to other programming languages. In addition, HTML-Kit is still supported by developers and is distributed on all current OS of the Windows family.

You can download the HTML-Kit program free from our site right now.

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