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Wap Editor is a program for creating websites for mobile devices, which you can download free. As you know, mobile wap-sites are created in the WML programming language, to which the program has a full guide. Sites for mobile devices are usually very light, don't have, unlike their older "brothers", a huge amount of heavy codes and scripts, and Wap Editor, in addition, facilitates the creation of such outwardly simple kind of sites.

Earlier, people used a conventional notebook for creating mobile sites, but with the advent of such programs as Wap Editor, it has become easier to do it.

  • simple interface and fine design of the program;
  • support for various tools for formatting text;
  • particular code or words search function;
  • simple but comfortable file manager;
  • Availability of the wap-emulator through which you can view the resulting site right on your PC, in the same way as it'll be seen on the phone;
  • transcoding to UTF-8 and ANSI;
  • Written code can be checked for errors;
  • many other useful tools;
  • support for recording macros.

Wap Editor is perfect for both beginners and experienced website developers. For beginners, there is help for WML language, the program interface does't put users off. On top of everything else, when you create a new page, a framework code of the mobile site will always appear in the main field for writing code.

You can download Wap Editor program free from our website right now.

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