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For design solutions in the world of vector graphics we represent the free software - Inkscape. This is a unique vector graphics editor. Exceptional feature of the application is the presence of open source for editing. The program has all CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator features and is not inferior to them in opportunities to work with vector graphics and functionality.

Inkscape can handle images in svg-format. With the application, you can create simple and complex shapes of objects, insert text in the image, apply different filling, group objects, distribute in layers and much more. The latest version of Inkscape is free for download on our website.
With support for open source, Inkscape has the ability to insert graphics in PostScript format. The program supports png, eps, jpeg, tiff image formats. Inkscape is a strike for working with vector graphics, which meets the standards of XML, CSS, CVG. It will be indispensable for web developers.

In Inkscape, you can view the image in full screen mode, use the grid and guides, create masks, manage layers, filters, use a variety of effects. In addition, the program has spellcheck feature that will greatly facilitate the filling of the object by text directly in the application.
Inkscape can be controlled through keyboard shortcuts, it has a set of parameters, including mouse sensitivity setting and setting of the interface appearance.

Our online portal provides free download of Inkscape. The program is adapted for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 , has the support for many languages. Attachment size is 33 MB.

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