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GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP is a bitmap graphics editor, the main task is the creation and processing bitmap graphics. In addition, there is partial support for working with vector graphics. The project was founded in 1995 by two programmers as graduation thesis and is developed by a group of volunteers.

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With GIMP, you can create graphics and logos, carry out scaling and cropping images, retouch and combine photos using layers, change the image ratio.

At the Libre Graphics Meeting conference in March 2006, the basic direction of the program's development was specified, as well as its basic advantages.

  • GIMP is a free software, which means you can download GIMP for free.
  • GIMP is a high-quality web graphics editor.
  • GIMP functions can be easily expanded by setting your add-ins.
  • With GIMP, you can automate repetitive tasks.
  • GIMP is a platform through which scientists and designers can create powerful and modern graphics processing algorithms.
  • The program contains a number of tools for color correction, such as posterization, tone, characteristics, vibrance, etc.
  • Thanks to filters, masks, tools and layers with different types of overlay you can crop photos, perform perspective correction, remove some image defects and much more.

    There are a variety of tools for drawing, brush with a free scaling, support for graphics tablets and brush dynamics.
    Screen Filters, expanding the opportunities for image editing - gamma correction, color management, etc.
    The ability to customize the interface - the grouping and regrouping of floating palettes, converting any menu in freely floating window, etc.
    It should be noted that GIMP is not inferior to its paid analog – Photoshop in functionality and a set of tools while being a free software.

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    0 B.R.O.W.N.
    I'm using this program since 2009. Starting from school it helps me to do a lot of exercises from making a funny pictures till a posters to different groups. The best reason to use GIMP it's free, easy for understand and Open Source. It have a lot of instruments to make a good product. And you can make a simple animation. I'm recommending GIMP for people who want to start work with graphics.

    2016-02-07 20:52

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    0 Nick
    Long ago I use this program, I was quite satisfied, all advise.

    2014-10-30 09:02

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    0 Tedd
    It s one of the best open source software!!! Not big monster like photoshop!

    2014-10-01 20:05

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    0 Frank
    This is the best drawing program for professionals that for the rest of her, I quietly making collages transparent background save and do the animation.

    2014-09-17 16:36

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    0 nickolaj
    I use this program, as it is built into the operating system Linux. It is a very good program. It has many features for editing images.

    2014-09-16 16:36

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