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Xlideit Image Viewer - free software, beautiful image viewer with a stylish interface. In addition to the viewing function, it implements software tools that allow you to effectively edit photos.

Features Xlideit Image Viewer

Implemented in the program tools can resize images, rotate them and perform some other actions. The considered utility weighs less than a megabyte and does not require pre-installation into the operating system. After Xlideit Image is launched for the first time, the application will prompt the user to make the initial settings. In particular, it will be necessary to choose the types of file formats that the program will later consider to be “its own”.

Also, the program will offer to integrate its functionality into the context menu, you will need to decide whether its shortcuts are needed on the desktop space and in the taskbar. In addition, you can also enable automatic checks for program updates. If you are interested in the opportunities offered by the application in question, we recommend that you download Xlideit Image Viewer for free from our website. Unfortunately, the interface of the program has not yet implemented support for the Russian language. However, this does not mean a complete “curtain” with regards to working with the program - it is quite realistic to give control commands, since the controls are arranged in an intuitive way. To make the program convenient to use and manage its work, the developers made the panel with the main controls available in the main window. First, the user can view the images as a slide show. Secondly, buttons are available that allow you to rotate photos to give them a natural look. There are also buttons for resizing, deleting, cropping.

An impressive menu can be shown with the help of a special element that allows you to perform the following actions on images:

  • use of vertical or horizontal flip;
  • conversion to another format;
  • read image file information;
  • print the image.

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