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XnView program designed to assist viewing and converting graphic files, and not without reason, it is considered one of the best free programs occupying spaces of the Internet. Download XnView for free from our webpage, the installation program doesn't require special skills.
XnView performs the following operations on images: changing color / size / contrast / balance / image brightness, canvas crop printing and more. All operations and filters (which may be set manually in any combination) can be applied simultaneously to a large number of files in both automatic and manual handling.

XnView program has powerful navigation tools and tools for working with files: file preview, thumbnails (creates reduced copies of files), supports files with different descriptions, using the clipboard (copy, paste), supports drag and drop (the ablity to move various elements on the page using the mouse), enables you to view non-graphic files, automatically creates a list of files in the Windows operating system (adding icons to the "Start" menu and on the desktop, "Browse with XnView" command is added to the context menu).

The main distinctions of the program:

  • about 400 supported formats (from the most wide-spread to the most hard-to-get);
  • supports about 45 languages;
  • support for both group and also streaming conversion, you should just specify the parameters in your program;
  • huge number of additional options: the opportunity to work with a list of contacts, scanner, wallpaper for Windows, create screenshots, generate html- albums to post them further on the Internet, counting colors used in the image.
  • user-friendly interface, the ability to customize it "for yourself";

XnView program is designed for home use, and has incorporated the most important and necessary functions for working with graphic files.

The program is freely available on our website, where you have the opportunity to download XnView.

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