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STDU Viewer is a free for non-commercial use and small size program to view such document types as: XPS, DCX, AZW for Microsoft Windows, PalmDoc, ePub, BMP, PSD, PDF, PNG, TXT, PCX, JPG, JPEG, WMF, EMF , TCR, Comic Book Archive, DjVu, FB2, multipage TIFF, GIF, and MOBI.

The program has support for multiple document interface with the ability to use tabs, so you can view multiple documents and allows you to display thumbnails of the pages in the sidebar, create bookmarks, automatically change contrast of thumbnails and adjust brightness, contrast and gamma of the document. In addition, while displaying a text document, the program allows you to select the font, font size, color and rules of displaying paragraphs. STDU Viewer has three types of search where the results are shown in a list. The program has a multilingual support. The application also gives you the opportunity to turn the page of an opened document through 90 degrees, allowing you to read, even when using a monitor that is mounted in portrait position, and modify incorrectly scanned pages.

There is also a function to restore the session during restarting of the application. Download STDU Viewer free from our site. The application also has settings that allow you to work with devices that have a touchscreen display. If necessary opened pages of the document can be exported to an image or text document. STDU Viewer provides the ability to print documents that may be protected from printing.

You can download STDU Viewer free on our website right now.

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