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This program will be useful for novice web programmers who want to explore the intricacies of programming and website structure, as well as in cases of problems with access to the Internet, for whatever reasons. In such cases, the irreplaceable program named Web Dumper will help, the latest version of which has already appeared in the public domain and is completely open for use. This application can be downloaded free from our server.

Web Dumper is a powerful program that will copy almost any site and save the files on the media, while you can manage it on each stage of copying. The application allows you to download a large number of different types of data from text to video, while maintaining or not damaging the structure of the site and its catalogs. When copying the user is given the opportunity to choose the depth of the copy, and data types, which will be further saved.

Key features:

  1. Checking and handling http errors;
  2. Multithreaded downloading with different settings;
  3. Detailed information about each downloaded object;
  4. Setting different ways of free download of a site;
  5. Checking for duplicate download;
  6. Downloading of large amounts of information in seconds;
  7. Saving external references to objects during off-line viewing;
  8. Powerful filter to select objects to download.

Such assistant will be necessarily useful, so download Web Dumper free directly from our site without any conditions.

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