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Shareman is a software product that combines P2P file-sharing client, download manager, chat, through which registered users can exchange messages within the program file directory. Special chat is represented by several multi-thematic rooms. You can download Shareman free directly from our website.

The window for performing basic operations in Shareman is a special file directory, divided into thematic categories. The main window includes the following tabs: Music, movies, pictures, TV shows, games, software, miscellaneous. Content of any kind has a detailed description. The directory involves the search process from the inside using such attributes as title, date, and other ratings. Download Shareman easily from our website using the link to download.

Among the features of the utility is parental control functional, built-in player of good quality, auto configuration of routers, opportunities for opening/creating free public access to your own file collections. The tool boasts reliable performance in a unique turbo mode that is supported in the popular Opera browser . Turbo Mode allows you to download files much faster, using internal and external information.
The utility consists of several components which make up the complex: download manager, file directory, special supplement of the file-sharing utility and chat. All components share a common user-friendly graphical user interface. You can select the desired file and start the download, and then do your stuff in the background, occasionally watching the process and possibly sending chat messages to some other users.

Shareman main features:

  • Interface that is easy to understand even to inexperienced users;
  • The utility is updated in a fully automatic mode;
  • In order to fully use the program, registration is not needed;
  • With the help of technical support operators there will be no insurmountable problems in the work;
  • Chat functional built-in the utility allows you to communicate in real-time-mode with other users;
  • By means of the opportunities described, the software user can easily share their collections of files for free download in the public domain;
  • All the variety of files is arranged in eight sections.

You have the ability to see the true value of the real alternative to torrent technology, for which you can download Shareman free from our website now.

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