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Database manager of movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.
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The main purpose of Free TvDB application is to maintain a database of cartoons, TV series and anime by the user.
The application supports automatic downloading of information from various internet websites, such as or
For those programs that are selected by the user, short annotation, photos, links, and cast can be loaded into the database.

With this application, any user can easily manage his video collection.
It is worth mentioning that it is possible to perform the download of so-called art galleries fans, pictures of which, with the help of this application can be set as desktop wallpapers.

The application also supports the feature of tracking of already viewed series by the user.
This application is also able to carry out the work through a proxy, as well as to automatically create database backups.

There is also a possibility of importing a database to such formats as: CSV, XML and TXT. The program requires no installation.
You can also download Free TvDB from our website.
The main features of the application include:

  • the ability to automatically download movie data;
  • the ability to automatically download pictures from thematic resources;
  • it is possible to automatically load fan-art galleries;
  • the application can track series, previously viewed by the user;
  • there is support for proxy servers;
  • the program can automatically create database backups;
  • it is possible to export the such database formats as: XML, CSV and TXT.

You can download Free TvDB for free from our website right now.

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Saturday, 27 April 2019
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Free TvDB for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
It is lite and comfortable Internet TV service. It can be easy to installed, you have not to wait when your movie will be downloaded, because service is very fast.

2016-01-06 19:24

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0 Adolf
This programm is very easy to install it on your PC or notebook. It is lite, useful and full with many abilities to watch programms.

2016-01-03 08:53

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0 Andrea
This is program I install on my personal notebook. Its cool program for my saving video. Use only its quality ware.

2015-02-14 16:24

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