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You adore watching TV and don't want to miss a single interesting program or exciting movie? Then you just need to download Short-TV for free! This application is a TV Guide, covering about 260 most popular channels. With this useful program you will never miss your favorite TV series or movie.

With this utility, you get the opportunity to update the TV program for the whole week. This means that you no longer have to surf the World Wide Web daily to find a program-schedule of your favorite TV channels on the following days.

Short-TV key features and benefits:

  • special control functions are available;
  • the ability to update and even download logos of your favorite TV channels directly from the program;
  • search for the archive data for the past days, which is especially useful if you want to download to your computer the movie you watched a couple of days ago and liked, but cannot remember its name;
  • reminders, notifying the beginning of your movie / series;
  • choosing and setting the time zone for each of the represented channels;
  • offline update in the case of failure to access the network;
  • displaying multiple selected or all channels directly to the printer with the subsequent printing operations;
  • displaying additional information, for example, the year the movie was released, the actors involved, its synopsis and so on.

Short-TV free download is available right now on our website of useful software.

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0 Christina
I have never known about this opportunity. It is very useful link, now I can watch my favorite TV-shows any time. The most I love that this program has remonders. Thanks a lot!

2015-12-27 07:21

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My wife is a quarrelsome woman and recently she has been pensioned off. But since I’ve downloaded SHORT-TV she’s watching TV programs all day long. Meanwhile I could go fishing with my friends. Thank you really much for this useful application.

2015-08-03 23:30

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