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SopCast is a peer technology, providing the ability to view video via the Internet.
The whole principle of the system is very similar to the work of bit-torrent technology, when the transfer of information is decentralized.
When watching TV or listening to Internet radio, you can also perform simultaneous broadcasting of this material on the Internet.

In addition to listening to Internet radio and watching TV, SopCast allows you to create your own broadcast channel with an unlimited number of channels. To organize your broadcast channel, you don't need to buy expensive and powerful equipment as broadcasting will be done according to exactly the same system as listening to Internet radio or watching television.
After running the application in a particular tab, you can see the entire list of available channels for playback.
Also in this program, there is an additional feature for watching videos on the video player you are comfortable with, such as KMplayer, VLC or any other that supports this kind of playback.

If programs available for viewing are not enough for you, you can find a large number of broadcasts in the format of the application without any problems and forget about the freezes that happen when viewing broadcasts online.
You can download SopCast for free from our website.

Among the main features of the application are the following:

  • stability and availability of broadcasting, through the use of P2P technology;
  • high speed caching;
  • it is possible to create your own broadcasting channel without using powerful hardware;
  • the program uses a small amount of software resources;
  • the ability to record online broadcast on PC hard drive;
  • it is possible to transmit a broadcast channel on any player in the system;
  • the application is free and there is no advertising in it;
  • there is support for a large variety of platforms and operating systems.

You can download SopCast for free from our website right now.

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SopCast for Windows PC

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One of my favourite programms! I have a very slow PC with terrible internet connection, but SopCast allows me to watch most matches and streams.

2016-06-13 14:25

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0 Nicolas
Very good program. I downloaded it 1 year ago and use it all time for watching football games.

2016-03-13 13:15

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