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Utility that extends the functionality of Skype at times
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			Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype is a kind of online secretary who helps improve the efficiency of your Skype client. A rich functional set of the program allows you to systematize the most frequent actions: it activates the answering machine to inform the interlocutor in the chat, ensures the preservation of the archive of correspondence with the selected correspondent, performs automatic recording of video calls, performs tasks of the call scheduler, etc.

Pamela Skype Features

The free version of the utility is designed to record incoming and outgoing calls with a total duration of no more than 15 minutes. Using the program is possible on devices with Windows OS support.

One of the useful functions of the utility is the built-in calendar of birthdays.

Benefits of Pamela for Skype

  • Ability to select a Skype answer depending on the specific status (for example, make the answer active only when the network status is “Out of place”).
  • Simple and reliable answering machine for incoming calls and chat messages.
  • To activate the “Call back” function, there is no need to leave the open application window.
  • The presence of the built-in assistant significantly simplifies the setting of the program working environment.
  • The ability to directly edit contacts and groups autoconferences.
  • The function of using the integrated Windows player for better listening of call recordings is integrated.

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