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Telegram is a modern, free cross-platform messenger for interactive communication and information exchange by users on the network. A team of developers headed by Pavel Durov worked on creating the application.

The first version of the messenger was released in 2013, the client required the presence of an iOS device. The latest Telegram versions can be installed on various platforms (smartphone, tablet, PC) running the following systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Linux and Windows). Client integration is also provided in the form of a web application (for direct access from a web browser).

The main advantages of Telegram

  1. High speed of work (in the process of transferring information, powerful and reliable servers are used, the place of data storage is a modern cloud hosting).
  2. Confidentiality of correspondence (during the development of the application, the unique encryption protocol MTProto was used, the possibility of activating the mode "secret" chat is provided).
  3. Smooth interface is implemented in the convenient management of correspondence for mobile users.
  4. You can directly upload photos from the network to the user's chat.
  5. The program can transfer files between participants of correspondence (files up to 1.5 GB).

Telegram Features

Other features of the Telegram application include the ability to create multi-chats with the number of active users up to 200 people, and from the end of 2015, the option of organizing supergroups up to 1000 participants is provided.

Telegram Messenger is actively developing, the version of the program is regularly updated, the developers are constantly introducing interesting features aimed at expanding the capabilities of users.

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