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Skype is a program through which you have access to calls and video calls between computers are absolutely for free, as well as paid services: calls to mobile and landline phones, sending SMS- messages and other. You can download the latest version of Skype from our website.
According to statistics in 2010, Skype took 13% of the world market of voice calls, and the number of users increased to 663 million. Such high demand can be explained by the fact that any user can download Skype for free to his computer or smartphone, and also by the availability on virtually all major operating systems.
The advantages of Skype include a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand with the help of tips, simple and nice design.

Below is the characteristic of Skype free version and additional paid services.
Free version:

  • To make calls and video calls to any user of the program free of charge.
  • Instant messaging and sharing files within Skype.
  • Voice mail, performing the function of an autoresponder.

Paid services:

  • Call to a landline and mobile phone in almost all countries with per-minute billing and differentiated pay.
  • Online number which allows you to receive calls made through the standard phone network. The call will be forwarded to the selected mobile phone number with a positive balance in the account Skype.
  • Sending SMS to mobile phones, using the program.
  • Set tariffs that significantly save your money by using calls via Skype.

Like other programs on this website, you can download Skype directly from this page, without unnecessary movements, without sms and of course, without registering!

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Skype for Windows PC

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0 Roger
Skype is good for social and casual interactions. But for online collaboration and business meetings, I recommend tools like R-HUB web conferencing servers, webex, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc.

2016-07-28 13:11

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2015-06-21 22:05

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0 Andy
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2015-06-04 21:51

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0 Devid
cool program itself use it , it helps me keep in touch with friends who are far away from me;)

2014-11-04 09:22

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0 Polina
travel often . sometimes really miss my family and loved ones! I am very grateful for what we have Skype!;););););):):):)

2014-10-22 17:54

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0 nickolaj
Many years ago only in science fiction films people could talk to each other at a distance with the image, but now everyone knows that program "SKYPE" is the best program for the free communication.

2014-10-21 16:36

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