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TagScanner is a full-featured program for management and control of your music collection. TagScanner enables you to edit tags of modern audio files, it can change the names of the files according to the subtitles. The program also helps to generate a tag based on the names of files/directories or change the values of the necessary values in a batch mode.

You can download TagScanner free from our website, it's not a complicated operation. The program has great potential to find detailed information about the album available in online databases, should it be freedb, Amazon or even Discogs. TagScanner in most cases will greatly facilitate your life when it is so necessary to normalize your entire media archive.

Functionality of the program:

  • Changing the names of music files according the data from tags
  • Powerful editor of tags with the functional of changing several elements simultaneously
  • Import of titles and file covers from such online resources as freedb and Amazon
  • Individual creation of subtitles by ringtones/folder name
  • Changing and transfering of information about tags
  • Changing of the words and changing of the case here for the melody and for subtitles
  • Supports any formats of tags: ID3 1.0/1.1/2.1/2.3/2.4 versions, APE versions 1 and 2, Vorbis Comments, WMA subtitles and MP4 (iTunes) the latest versions
  • Displaying and modification of embedded data disks and the words of your songs
  • Changing of covers options for mobile devices with a single click
  • Extremely fast conversion of multiple versions of tags

Download TagScanner free from our site and listen to any tracks today.

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