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DivX is the most popular and high-demand package of audio and video codecs, not only in Russia but also abroad. Thanks to it, on the computer and in the browser, files of most popular formats are played (DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV withthe option of DivX To Go). Therewith,the quality of files processed by DivX files isn't much lost, but the size is greatly reduced. This feature has become fundamental when choosing this codec at a time when DVD discs and players were not yet available to everyone. Plus, the latest version of DivX equipped with a range of additional functions (conversion, viewing videos via DLNA- network, create your own clips, etc.).
A bit of history.

First freely available «DivX ;-)» appeared in September 1999. The authors of this patch are French programmers MaxMorice Gej (Jerome) Rota. They hacked MPEG- 4 Version 3 and posted the results on their website, where any visitor can download DivX for free. Smiley face next to the name became a kind of "greetings" to American company Circuit City, which at that time was trying to market their video systems of the same name. Their discs were at extremely low prices, but for playback you would have to pay. A great number of hackers were trying to break the access codes to Digital Video Express. But the company abruptly disappeared from the American market, and the name of their video systems was perpetuatedin the new breakout format.
Until 2002, all produced DivX versions were absolutely free. But in March of that year, the situation has changed. In fact, DivX 5.0x codec packagewasn't to be sold out,there were added extra paid components, which use is not mandatory. Thus, the basic version created video stream (MPEG- 4), and commercial - supported Global motion compensation, B-Frames, QPel.

Since the seventh version of the codec, MKV and H.264 (AVC) support appeared.
Almost all the standard players support DivX (even with Full HD 1080 expansion). At the same time, an independent team, taking OpenDivX as a basis, creates its main competitor (essentially an analogue) - XviD.
DivX interface doesn't essentially change upon the version update. It's in English, and inexperienced users should better leave all settings on an automatic basis, becauseinappropriatelychanging may cause not only playback deterioration, but also create additional load on the system.
In general, without much harm to your computer, you can experiment with the choice of variation of speed and quality mode:
Fast - produces no analysis;
Standart - all codec functions are active;
Slow - slows down the work of the codec (this should increase quality) due to changes in the mechanism of the bitrate.
You can also stop and select one of the ready-made profiles for encoding:
Handheld - suitable for portable devices with a resolution of 176x144 pixels and no more than 15 frames / sec. (in this mode, you must first disable B-frames);
Portable - corresponds to portable devices with a resolution of less than 352x240 and 30 frames / sec. Or 352x288 and 25 frames / sec.;
Home Theatre - suitable for video consoles, games, players, etc. Recommended resolution: 720x480 and 30 frames / sec or 720x576 and 25 frames / sec.;
High Definition - support for high resolution. But such files can be played only on the computer. Maximum resolution: 1280x720 , 30 frame / sec.

So why virtually every user seeks download DivX for free?
In addition to playing the above formats, this codec pack lets you watch movies with built-in interactive elements (menus, subtitles, alternate audio streams, etc.).
DivX Codec freely integrates with professional video editing applications like Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, Ulead Video Studio, VirtualDub, etc.
In addition to the DivX codec pack, player, web player, the trial version includes a free DivX H.264 Decoder. It allows you to play video Full HD, not overly burdening the CPU.
The latest version has support for DivX DNLA compatible devices. This allows you to view media content on any compatible device without the obligation to previously download the information from flash drives, discs and wires
There are new profiles that allow to alter the video for the iPad and iPhone.
Each user can also now add subtitles, audio tracks and other interactive elements himself.
The new version supports MPG, TS, VOB, SVCD and other files.

And what is actually included in the package of DivX codecs?

  • DivX Plus Player (player);
  • DivX Plus Codec Pack (the codec pack itself for playing media files on any player);
  • DivX Plus Web Player (player in the web environment);
  • DivX Plus Converter (converter with a trial period of 15 days, after which you can buy a license for using it or not use).
  • You can always download DivX from our server using the appropriate link.

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