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FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a free audio codec for transcoding lossless audio recordings.

Among the music lovers, the FLAC codec is very popular because it provides excellent sound quality. You can listen to music in this format on expensive audio devices, and besides, it is perfect for collecting music collection. The format compression ratio is lower than that of the MP3, but for the other indicators it is significantly superior to it.

For listening to music in FLAC format, there are many software, as well as for editing it. This allows users to easily use the format not only on the desktop, but also on portable devices.

Advantages of the FLAC format:

  • the ability to create collections of audio recordings (a single file can contain as many tracks as you like with all the necessary information about them - album image, artist, track name, text, etc.).
  • improving the quality of records.
  • the codec is completely free, which greatly expands the possibilities of its use.
  • clear sound without loss of quality.

Like any other codec, FLAC is not without flaws. But there are only a few of them, and none of them can be called significant:

  • large file size;
  • lack of format support on older audio devices.

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