Windows Essentials Codec Pack 4.6

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			Windows Essentials Codec Pack

We'd like to bring to your attention the product (abbreviated WECP) which is an entire collection of most relevant and utilized today Audio and Video DirectShow codecs and filters. For free download of Windows Essentials Codec Pack, simply click the link on our website.

This codec pack will help the user easily playback with high quality almost any media files which can be downloaded from the Internet. This means if the user has installed WECP on his PC, he won't be behind the times and tendencies, as at its disposal he has everything he needs to playback any audio or video file. In addition, Conflicts or any other errors typical during the files decoding, never occur through the fault of Windows Essentials Codec Pack. The utility uses simultaneously several different codecs to decrypt the same media file. If you want to forget about problems with multimedia content decoding, we suggest you downloading Windows Essentials Codec Pack from our

Functionality and usability of the user interface is the undoubted advantage of the product under consideration. This means that even inexperienced and unskilled user can easily understand what is what in this set of codecs: how to configure and how to use it. WECP provides everything you need for the most simple, efficient and fast work with media files.

Key features and functional:

  • Support for a large number of multimedia formats;
  • With the player Direct Show you can playback any video or music track (as it can be done using Media Player Classic, which is part of a collection of codecs);

The pack includes the following filters:

AC3 Filter for voice acting in MPEG4 films, APE Source Filter for decoding APE audio format, CDDA Reader Filter audio decryptor, AVI Splitter for processing and, if necessary, reindexing of corrupted files, filters for subtitles, video decoder, filters for streaming radio stations, and many others.

If you want to get your hands on a powerful, complete and functional package of codecs, you can download Windows Essentials Codec Pack using our website now.

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Windows Essentials Codec Pack for Windows PC

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