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			X Codec Pack

X Codec Pack, previously distributed under the name of XP Codec Pack, is one of the "packaged" codec packs, designed to decode media files and work with them. Download free X Codec Pack for decoding to your PC directly from our site.

The pack is equipped with the following products:

  • The actual collection of codecs;
  • The Codec Detective app (lists all installed codecs with detailed information about each);
  • Media Player Classic.

At the very beginning of its existence, the product was developed with an eye on the Windows XP OS. However, the package doesn't give rise to unfavourable criticism in other operating systems - Windows 2000, the older and the newer Windows 7. Purpose of the package is trouble-free processing of a large number of popular media formats (video and audio). X Codec Pack can cope with many of the typical problems, arising in the absence of certain codecs: the lack of format support, no or low sound quality, "stuttering", freezing of images, etc. If you are not satisfied with the level of comfort when watching/listening to your favorite media content, you can download X Codec Pack to try using it to solve the problem.

Functionality provided by the codec:

  • A rich variety of codecs: AC3Filter, AVI Splitter, CDXA Reader, CoreFlac Decoder, GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder, LAV Filters, madVR, Matroska Splitter, MediaTab, RadLight APE Filter, RadLight MPC Filter, RadLight OFR Filter, RealMedia Splitter, RadLight TTA Filter, The Codec Detective, xy-VSFilter;
  • The Codec Detective component shows which codecs are already installed in the OS, and detailed information about each of them;
  • You can listen to music and watch movies using Media Player Classic, built in a package (in the settings of the player, you can associate the necessary file types with it).

Product Features:

  • Compact, nothing in excess;
  • Easy to install, use and remove;
  • Support for multiple languages;
  • 100% legal

Innovations in latest version of the product:

  • Updated filters and player;
  • Corrected errors.

If you are just interested in the product described in this article, or for some reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of play multimedia content on your PC, we recommend you download free X Codec Pack right now and estimate it.

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