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Xvid is one of four major codecs for video compression. You can playback converted fileson domestic media players, supporting Mpeg4-format. Xvid is based on previously available for encoding DivX codec. Unlike the latter, this codec can be downloaded and programmed to fit your needs for free. The program is used mainly on the platforms of the various versions of Windows, but thanks to the open source code, it can be used in other operating systems after proper compilation. Interface of the compression library is in English.

Actually file transcoded by Xvid codec has MPEG-4 ASP video format. This format is supported by DivX-players, but Xvid has a rich functionality conversion. Therefore, not all the changes made to the data by this codec, can be correctly displayed on DivX-on devices. With increasing of Xvid usage, its support was included to the latest versions, both software and hardware viewers.

Rising popularity of Xvid is associated with the presence of tools in its composition for coding and the ability to download it for free. Codec uses BVOPs technology, which doesn't compress keyframes of the image, to preserve the original video quality. Enabling of interlacing, inter-field compression, in other words, results in lossless compression. Global Motion Compensation technology improves the quality of dynamic scenes. Professional users can apply these and many other embedded technologies, and for newcomers there are preset profiles in settings.

Xvid codec is available for free download on the website of free programs.

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