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			Live WebCam

Live WebCam - a symbiosis of "virtual webcam", "video spy" and "home photographer" for Windows. Captures and saves streaming video from connected webcams. Equipped with the function of comparing key frames to prevent their duplication.

Able to identify "significant moments" and automatically photograph them. It has the function of automatically initiating the capture of a streaming video sequence when motion appears in the frame. Integrated tools for capturing and amination of a video series allow you to create photorealistic animations.

Live WebCam functionality

  • Identifies, “picks up” and records streaming video from the specified video capture device;
  • Analyzes key frames and produces batch removal of "dubbing" and "almost identical" frames;
  • Defines the “significance” of a frame with the help of an “intellectual system of gradation of importance”, and saves “significant frames” to the archive;
  • It matches each “new” frame with the previous ones, identifies the presence of motion in the frame and initiates the launch of capturing the streaming video sequence upon detection of moving objects;
  • Interprets and integrates changes made by the user into the video sequence, transforming the video into photo-realistic animation.

Utility features

  • The combination of "virtual webcam", video spy and "home photographer" in the "one bottle";
  • "Gentle" load on the "iron";
  • The presence of an intellectual system of determining the "importance" of personnel, allowing you to save the most interesting moments in the automatic mode;
  • Virtual motion detector;
  • Integrated tools for creating photo-realistic animations.


  • Motion detection does not always work correctly;
  • The function of defining “significant” moments can trigger on “uninteresting” situations.

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Saturday, 07 July 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Live WebCam for Windows PC

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