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ManyCam is an original program that enhances the use of your webcam on a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. ManyCam is not tied to a specific application or messenger and works with most of them.

Program features

ManyCam is a program that allows you to use a lot of original video effects, “put on” wigs, “change” the color and shape of the eyes, “insert” funny pictures, captions, characters in your video chat. With the help of ManyCam, an ordinary chat will turn into entertainment. Use the effect of the "curved mirror" program, special effects "fire", "snow", "rain", "disappearance", etc. The number of possibilities ManyCam with all the simplicity of the program interface is surprising.

ManyCam compatibility

The program was originally created for use on computers running Windows. ManyCam versions for macOS, Android and iOS are now created. Choose any of the versions of programs suitable for your operating system and download to your device.

The program works smoothly with Yahoo Talk, Skype , CamFrog, Viber , ICQ , PalTalk and other popular instant messengers.

How to use ManyCam?

After downloading the ManyCam file, install the program in the default folder provided or select another folder during the installation. There must be a camera on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop). If you are using a desktop computer, connect a webcam to it. The ManyCam language is by default English, but you can change it to another one suggested by the program (for example, Russian) even during the installation of the application. If the camera on your device is installed correctly, opening ManyCam, you will immediately see your image in the "Video" tab. In this tab you can specify the source of the video.

How to record video using ManyCam?

Selecting the video source (in the first tab) and audio (in the second tab), go to the Studio Pro tab. At the bottom of the screen, find the “Live Studio” and the “Record” button. During video recording, you can add video effects to the program, text, time, accessories (caps, eyes, hair, etc.). You can stop recording by simply pressing the “Stop” button. You can save your video file in any folder of your choice. Video format - avi, mpg, webm. Any of the video files recorded with ManyCam can be used immediately after recording. Post your entries on YouTube, add them to your account on social networks, send videos to friends.

ManyCam has a paid version of Pro, giving the user access to all the amazing video effects and a cleaning logo (watermark) “ManyCam” from the chat window. However, most users prefer to install exactly the free version.

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