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The Free Studio software package consists of several dozen programs to produce a variety of operations with multimedia files. You can download this free software package and work with both audio and video files at home.

Free Studio consists of eight directions, each of which is dedicated to an important section. In particular, in the software package you can find sections devoted to mp3 and other music files, playback, and authoring with all types of discs (CD, DVD and Blue-Ray) and processing and viewing graphics.

Sufficient piece of the software is designed to work with mobile phones. Moreover, mobile phones and tablets on all current mobile operating systems including iOS (products Apple) are supported. With these programs, you can convert video and audio files to fit your phone and tablet, and set ringtones.

New 3D technology is supported. Free Studio software product allows you to create full three-dimensional images and edit them when the need arises.

In addition, there's support for writing of the streaming video and taking screenshots in real time. A special section of the software is devoted to work with streaming video on the Web.

Using special software, you can download (and upload) videos and music posted on YouTube in a few mouse clicks.
Despite the fact this software package includes several dozen programs, the entire shell is very fast and without any failures or software conflicts.

You can download Free Studio from our website without messages and other complexities.

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It's really free and it works properly. I use this soft for a decade, no glitch, no bugs. And most important program is free for download.

2015-09-09 14:23

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